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The Hypercom S9 PIN Pad is a cost effective solution for Hypercom credit card terminals


(NEW) Compact, comfortable and convenient: the S9 PIN-based payment transaction devices from Hypercom are simple to use and cost-effective, too. Look at it from your customers point of view. The S9's hand-fit and easy features maximize efficiency and responsiveness. It puts big number keys, colored OK and CANCEL keys, and a bright, backlit display right in the palm of their hands. Now see the S9 from your side. It meets every security and network integration standard – it's PCI-PED approved and triple-DES-capable. You get a choice of DUKPT or 12 master / session keys in one secure package. Three optional configurations let you move up to an integrated chip card reader, magnetic stripe card or combined chip / magnetic stripe card service. And its complete software makes for easy integration with your existing POS terminal or ECR system. Providing a secure solution for the most recent PCI mandates.

  • Fully compatible with all Hypercom terminals from the T7 series through the ICE™ family

  • Meets the latest security standards

  • Encrypts PINs before sending them through your POS device or terminal

  • 2 line, 16 character LCD Display

  • 16 key silicone keypad with oversized enter and cancel keys

  • Fits in the palm of the hand

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