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CardTech is now into the mobile swipe business, however we will not go after anyone and everyone who thinks it's cool to accept credit card payments. CardTech is aimed at real businesses that perform real transactions every month. Big or Small, if you value your customers as much as you value your business, we want to work with you.

CardTech charges a distinctly lower swipe fee but also have merchants cover their user monthly fees, making it a better choice only for those who understand the cost of doing business every month. We understand that as a merchant you work hard and refrain from giving your products or services for free so we thank you for understanding that CardTech acts in a similar fashion. CardTech has made a conscious decision not to mislead merchants in to thinking they're getting something for FREE!

  Hypercom M4230

Hypercom’s Optimum M4230 is a unique mobile terminal that offers GPRS connectivity in a compact design. Created to operate on the same terminal application foundation as the popular Optimum T4200 family, the M4200 series expands the 4200 range, adding mobility to the Optimum terminal family line. The M4230 incorporates a removable, extra long-life battery for extended use between charges.

The M4230 can be re-charged by connecting the charger directly into the terminal or through an optional charging dock that also provides dial backup.

It can effectively process credit and debit cards, gift cards, dynamic currency conversion (DCC) and Tax Free refunds. The Optimum M4230 makes mobile processing quick and easy while meeting today’s stringent payment industry security standards.

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