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OMNI VX-510 & 3730

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The Vx 510's backlit display, easy-to-read menu prompts and intuitive, ATM-style interface reduce the chance of entry errors. In addition, its integrated high-speed thermal printer and internal PIN pad keep countertops clutter-free.

For U.S. and Canadian merchants, the Vx 510 includes Ethernet and 12 MB of memory. In Canada, it is also Interac certified and available with a smart card reader.

For merchants outside the U.S. and Canada, the Vx 510 includes a smart card reader to handle data-intensive EMV transactions plus a choice of dial or dial + Ethernet connectivity, 0 or 3 SAMs, and 3 MB or 6 MB of memory.

The Vx 510LE is just what U.S. merchants want, and everything they need! This hard-working, reliable payment device efficiently processes debit and credit transactions. Plus, as a part of Vx Solutions, it is an extension of what you already know. Its ATM-style interface is instantly intuitive, requiring virtually no training. The lightweight, ergonomic device with integrated thermal printer and a built-in PIN pad can be easily handed to customers for PIN entry.

Benefits At a Glance

Intuitive ATM-style interface, large backlit display, ergonomic keys, and bold menu prompts minimize clerk training, speed lines, and reduce errors.

  •  Handles debit and credit card transactions

  •  3MB memory

  •  Integrated, high-speed thermal printer is quiet and easy to load

  •  Superior performance for faster transaction processing

  •  PCI PED approved for debit and other PIN-based transactions

  •  Small footprint takes up little counter space

  •  Dimensions: 3.1"H x 5.3"W x 10.25"D (1lb)

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