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CardTech Enterprises Inc. is devoted to safeguarding your privacy. Any of your personal information and or email address information that may be collected from you are always secure and confidential. CardTech Enterprises Inc. will always contact you directly to provide you with any information that may be needed to follow up as it pertains to services applied for. All payments that are made by credit cards are always secure. CardTech Enterprises Inc. uses only the most secure encryption protocols when it comes to assuring that your card information is safe guarded when being processed. CardTech Enterprises Inc. is dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service when it comes to all of our merchant products and merchant services. To ensure your privacy rights this privacy policy was created specifically to keep you accurately informed regarding our privacy practices throughout CardTech Enterprises Inc. (  Here at CardTech Enterprises Inc. your privacy is always of the utmost concern to us, so to ensure you have an enjoyable experience when visiting our website we want to assure you that we will never collect any of your personal information. We do not collect any personal data from our users or our visitors at any time. CardTech Enterprises Inc. will only request information from you as a follow-up for information regarding products, guides, seminars, registrations, and or services available. Only when you request them first. You may also speak with one of our representatives, at any time who can personally provide you with in-depth information regarding our merchant products, merchant services, and web services. In the event that CardTech Enterprises Inc. needs to contact you directly we may request additional personal information from you such as your full name and best telephone number to reach you at, to ensure accurately and timely fulfillment of your request. When you decide to enroll for one of our merchant products or one of our merchant services, we will request certain information from you. You may be asked to provide different personal information depending on the type of merchant products, merchant services, or web services that you apply for. For merchant services we will require you to provide us with your full name, your mailing address, the best telephone number to reach you, your email address, your credit card number, your bank account information, your IP address, and possibly your Social Security number. All other products and services may require supplemental information from you to accurately apply. Please refer to our enrollment page for a detailed listing of the type of personal information requested for our various merchant products and merchant services. SEO traffic data will automatically be collected when a person visits our site. This information does not identify each visitor personally, the data collected is search engine optimized to our website specifically data and statistics may be monitored such as SEO traffic information. This data is solely used to help us improve the performance and technology of our website. We make it a priority to respond to email requests or questions about our merchant products or merchant services in a timely manner. We may retain email correspondences to improve our merchant services and merchant products or for our website or for other disclosed purposes. We may also retain contact information so that we can send you updates or other important information about our merchant services and merchant products. Occasionally these updates and important information will be sent out by a third-party on our behalf. We assure you that any third-party that may contact you on our behalf has completed a confidentiality agreement with us that contains provisions that ensure your privacy and security of any and all transferred information and absolutely limits the third parties use of any shared information pertaining to updates, or providing merchant products, merchant services, or web services on our behalf. As it pertains to information that is supplied to us and in connection with questions or requests for information about merchant products, merchant services or web services offered by CardTech Enterprises, Inc. business partners. We may also send the information you have supplied to CardTech Enterprises, Inc. to business partners that offer, similar products or services. Please be aware that these CardTech Enterprises, Inc., partners have agreed to ensure your privacy and security of any and all transferred information, and may only use the shared information you provide to send you information about products or services which you request. If you use CardTech Enterprises, Inc., payment gateway for online transactions we may have to provide your personal information to the appropriate, financial institution, processors, and third parties under contract with CardTech Enterprises Inc., or our affiliates for providing a subset of the payment services such as credit authorization and screening for fraud. As it pertains to financial institutions and processors, the use of personal identifiable, consumer information is governed by federal and state privacy laws. For other third parties under contract with CardTech Enterprises, Inc., the use and distribution of your personal information will be used by such entity for its internal use as it relates to fulfilling the transaction for services for CardTech Enterprises, Inc.; and will be treated confidentially by this entity, and will be transferred between CardTech Enterprises, Inc. and this entity only via encrypted means. We may Permit the merchant through which you placed your order with to review the personal information you provide to us. The merchants use of the personal information that you provide to us shall be governed by your agreement to the merchant. In the event that we are required by law to disclose certain information to our Local state, federal, national, or international government, or law enforcement authorities, we shall do so. Such as disclosing the identity of purchasers of certain software products to the US department of commerce, bureau of export administration, as required under the terms of our export licenses. CardTech Enterprises Inc.-14175 W. Indian School Rd. Ste. B4-436 Goodyear, AZ 85395 Ph.(602)347-5900 Ext#917 Fax: (877)804-3302.

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